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About the product & the founder
Val-Ed Initiatives builds stronger & healthier character in children, parents &teachers through 21st Century Human Values, Life Skills & Social Emotional Learning Education Programs, Products & Infrastructure.

Val-Ed 2 Primary services include

1. Values Lab and Infrastructure – Val-Ed’s “Values Lab” is a dedicated space inside schools to teach 21st Century Human Values and Life Skills to children, parents, and teachers.
Val-Ed also design “elements” for any part of school campus that influence emotions, mindset, behavior of children & adults and helps in building values and positive behaviours.
2. Saksham Program – Val-Ed offers ‘Saksham’—a curriculum integrated program on values, life skills, and SEL for students right from preschool up to higher secondary stages. Saksham covers values and life skills recommended NEP, UNESCO, WHO and also by all leading boards like CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE, IB, State Curriculums, etc.

About Founder Mayank Solanki, a youth prodigy who is a 3 time TEDx Speaker, Winner of Times of India “I Lead India” Youth Leaders Initiative, Youth Ambassador from India at Asia Pacific Youth Network, Winner of the Gratitude Fellowship 2021 and many such prestigious national & international honors.

He is immensely creative, a prolific speaker & has led by example in bringing values & character education to the forefront of conversation across India through innovation & re-imagination. He conceptualized and pioneered the creation of the world’s first values lab in a school in Bangalore, India.

Founders Bytes
We are living in a time where teaching parents & teachers values has become more important than teaching it to children.
If math, language, science, computers, PE can’t be taught by all teachers with same level of effectiveness and needs specialists, Why do we assume all teachers get more info can teach values & life skills effectively? Specialist Training & Mentoring is needed for read more a teacher to champion Character & Well-Being Education
How does the product/ service benefit the k-12 segment

The past few decades have seen a multi-fold increase in cases of children and adults going through stress, anxiety, depression, indulging in unethical behaviours, addictions, degradation of values-based living, lack of empathy, respect, compassion and citizenship and many other personal, mental and emotional issues.
In busy and fast-paced lives, the responsibility of helping students with these challenges seems to be passed around between school, parents and family. Most parents, teachers and family members are not equipped get more info to understand and manage such social and emotional issues, which can cause long-term harm to the individual, family and society.
At Val-Ed, we focus on an integrated approach combining latest research & learning pedagogy, world class teacher training & parenting, impactful events, superior graphic and user design and credible assessments and making all of this support available in a customized manner where each school gets a click here customized solution to create a values-based atmosphere in their school.

What made you come up with this product/ service?
Val-Ed is an extension of my personal commitment to service to world. I have been involved in community service since the #educationtoday age of 9 as a volunteer in eye camps, I started ango when I was in college and now Val-Ed is my full time committed to making the world a better place through character education which is the need of the hour.

What is the uniqueness of your product/ service?

At a Beneficiary Level, Val-Ed doesn’t benefit just children but also parents & teachers .

At a Concept level, Val-Ed has designed & built the World’s First Values Lab – a dedicated place to teach values, life skills & SEL.

At a Pedagogy level, Val-Ed blends Western Methods of teaching like Positive psychology, SEL & Eastern Methods like Panchatantra, Asian Fables etc.

At a Delivery level, Val-Ed offers both models – training school teachers or sending competent teachers who can deliver our program.

Target audience
K – 12


I have seen the thought, effort & potential of Val-Ed’s Lab. I recommended that the Every Educationist & Ministry of Education build these Values Lab in Every School – Mrs Sudha Murthy, Chairperson, Infosys Foundation.

What Val-Ed has designed is truly need of the hour as it helps falling mental health standards & degradation of values of our children – Head of Academics, National Public School Group of Schools, Bangalore.

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